The Resume Builder that allows you to stand out from the competition and get more callbacks and more interviews from hiring managers!

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Choose the format that best suits your career from a wide variety of templates.

Our team of designers have worked tirelessly to develop our professional resume builder software that adapts to your profession, to your tastes and to your profile allowing you to create a tailor-made resume with ease. Our resume designer provides you with a large directory of templates to help you find the template that suits you best.

Des modèles testés et validés

Tested and proven resume templates

Our resume builder allows you to create your resume online by choosing from a large library of reliable and optimized templates that get you results.

Démontrez votre expertise

Demonstrate your expertise

Use the ideal presentation to enhance your professional experience in the eyes of recruiters by including key information.

Un outil efficace et polyvalent

An efficient and versatile tool

Easily download and share your resume by exporting it in the most popular formats accessible on all platforms: PDF & Word

A resume maker that works seamlessly on any device

Mobiles, tablets, PCs… create a resume that adjusts to the size of the screen to highlight your strengths. Our resumes will dynamically adapt to the device screen so it can be read on all types of media.

It is the ideal software to make your resume online!

It’s quick and easy to create your resume online! Our easy-to-use resume software guides you through clearly defined steps that allow you to optimize your resume to perfection, without the risk of forgetting any relevant information in the eyes of recruiters.

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Our resume software guides you step by step to success

As you pleasantly browse through the different user-friendly options for your resume, all you have to do is answer a few questions posed by our interactive resume generator, which will then guide you, step-by-step to complete the design phase of your resume.

  • Curriculum
  • Professional experiences
  • Training (s)
  • Additional skills
  • Interests and hobbies

Make your resume stand out to a hiring manager

On average, most people have to send between 30 and 50 resumes to get a job. Every day, recruiters are inundated with a mountain of resumes that look the same and don’t showcase the strengths of candidates.

Stand out with a resume that catches the recruiters eye and benefit from an optimized methodical approach which is proven from numerous research studies to get you results.

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Making your resume online has never been easier!

Your career is constantly evolving. Your resume is kept in our database so you can revisit it at any time and make the necessary changes and updates, corresponding to the evolution of your professional career. You can easily adjust your resumes to tailor them to suit different job applications.

Because the templates best suited to different professional sectors are not the same everywhere, our online resume software allows you to generate and save different versions geared towards different types of job applications.

  • Easily export your resume in different formats
  • An easy-to-use online resume builder
  • Share in one click

What our users say

Established for a long time on the market, our software has supported thousands of users and allowed them to stand out in the ultra-competitive job search market.

This resume builder can give you the edge over other applicants in the face of competition in a world subject to perpetual and tough competition.



Thank you so much....

Happy with the service, is a great website for creating CVs and resumes. When dealing with customer service, nothing is a problem and the advisors are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.



Very Fast and Reliable

I was feeling tired and discouraged, but Lisa clarified everything and basically led the way so that I understand/appreciate far more about CV de Boss. I'm thankful and very impressed!



Just perfect!

I love this site. The resume templates are very helpful and the tips are great. I have been looking for a resume site for a long time and i finally found it! Thank you!



Very Fast and Reliable

I have a resume that looks professional and well formatted. The best part of it all is that I don't have to spend a dime to print it out because they provide various formats and directions on how to print my resume out without paying for expensive printer ink or paper!


What is an online resume builder?

A resume builder is a tool that allows you to create a resume online. You can access it and download it from your computer or phone. This software guides you step by step through the creation of your resume.

Easy to use, the resume builder offers you suggestions and many other features to significantly improve the quality of your resume. Saving time, ease of use and efficiency are some of the many advantages of using this solution.

Who is our online resume builder software for?

Everyone can find what they are looking for using our resume builder. This tool is specially designed to facilitate and support job seekers in their job search. Through this tool, you benefit from advice on the presentation and content of your resume.

It is also the ideal solution for people who wish to save time in the preparation of their job application, in particular the resume and the cover letter. Whether you are a student looking for an internship or an executive in the real estate industry, this resume builder will be of great use to you.

Is it reliable?

This tool was designed to help people who find creating a resume difficult and time consuming. The software is 100% reliable and secure. This is reflected in particular by the presence of the websites SSL security certificate. This can be verified by checking the website address begins with HTTPS (and not HTTP), to protect the user data. Our conditions of use, privacy policy are transparent and contain a very strict personal data protection policy.

What options does an online resume builder offer?

Thanks to its multiple features, the online resume builder allows you to increase your chances of finding a job. These include, among others:

  • An online resume creation tool
  • A cover letter creation tool
  • Professional, creative, simple and modern cover letter and resume templates
  • Expert advice in design for recruitment to optimize the creation of resumes and cover letters
  • Resumes and cover letters available to download in Word or PDF format
  • An integrated spell checker
  • Many examples of resumes and cover letters for a specific job (nurse, engineer, cook…. plus hundreds more!), and all levels such as training, internship or senior.

Is this software free?

You can test our resume builder for free. If you are not satisfied with our services, you will not be charged any fees. You can switch to a paid plan at any time (just a few dollars). This gives you access to our entire catalog of resumes and cover letters that you can use, customize and download an unlimited amount of times!